8 Newspaper Clippings From 1947 0

8 Newspaper Clippings From 1947

Happy 68th Independence Day to our fellow Indians. We’ve put together some newspaper clippings from 1947 for you to check out. I got serious goosebumps going through this, imagining how life might have been...

How To Get Out Of The Mobile Trap? 0

How To Get Out Of The Mobile Trap?

The discovery of mobile phones actually intended bridging distances and connecting people. However, in reality it has led to decline in real life interaction, distancing relations and formation of virtual personalities. The addiction to...

AIB's Most Hilarious Videos 0

AIB’s Most Hilarious Videos

All India Bakchod, AIB in short, have become extremely known since their AIB Roast with Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor. Today, we are putting together some of their best videos that you must watch,...